Innovative Medical Tourism

Innovative Medical Tourism



International Conference on Health and Medical Tourism:

An International Conference on Health and Medical Tourism will be held on the 12th and 13th December 2019 in Brindisi (Italy) at the premises of the Chamber of Commerce of Brindisi (Via Bastioni Carlo V, 4). The Conference is organized within the frame of the project In-MedTour – “Innovative Medical Tourism Strategy”, co-funded for 897.703,80€ by the Interreg V-A Greece-Italy Programme 2014-2020, The conference is organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Brindisi- Project Beneficiary 5. The other Beneficiaries participating in the project are the National Organization for Health Care Services Provision – EOPYY- (Lead Beneficiary), the Municipality of Santa Cesarea Terme (Project beneficiary 3), the University of Patras – Special Account for Research Grants, Department of Business Administration (Project Beneficiary 4) and Greek Ministry of Tourism.

The first day of the Conference will consist of the following thematic sessions:

1. Trend of the International market

2. Best practices and working model

3. Dimensions and characteristics of the Italian market

4. Towards regional medical tourism clusters in Puglia and Greece

While the second day, a study visit at CETMA (Technologies Design and Materials European Research Centre), in Brindisi, will take place.

The purpose of the Conference is to provide useful insights about strategies and actions to experts involved in the field of medical tourism. Invited speakers from various countries will highlight the importance of health tourism and they will also present examples of existing healthcare tourism networks. The conference is expected to contribute to the exchange of best practices and hopefully spread the idea of health tourism to a wider public.

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