Innovative Medical Tourism

Innovative Medical Tourism

Project Results


  • 20.000 persons of the Cross-Border population will have gained access to social services.

The project proposes activities that will educate, train and counsel professionals in the health and tourism industry as well as entrepreneurs interested in the field, in order to benefit from this new strategy and create a new generation of skilled workforce ready to work in the Health Tourism industry.

  • 20.000 persons of the CB population will have gained access to health services.

The project will bring together the health and research industries with the local enterprises via the creation of a platform (e-Cluster), where medical information from both countries will be stored. The e-Cluster will help the two countries cooperate and network and acquire access to research and innovation. An e-Tour Facilitator will also be developed, which offers matching services for the patients and tourists looking for

health and touristic units to receive the treatment.

Project co-funded by European Union, European Regional Development Funds (E.R.D.F.) and by National Funds of Greece and Italy